Admission Requirements

The applicant must:
1. Have a Masters in Astrophysics, Optics, Electronics, Computer Sciences, Physics, Engineering or any other common field.
2. Have written consent from a researcher (from the corresponding field) that states they agree to advise the applicant’s Doctoral Thesis. The project must be carried out within the advisor’s specialized research fields and the written consent form must include the project’s research field and the Thesis’s title (even if it is tentative).
3. Present a written admission form and get authorization from the corresponding Academy. This form must be approved by the Thesis Advisor.
4. Present and pass the Admission Exam or General Knowledge Exam, this in accordance with the Academy.
5. Prove aptitudes regarding the English language (500 TOEFL points).
6. Foreign/exchange students must prove they know 80% of the Spanish language.
NOTE: Foreign/exchange students that wish to apply to the Computer Sciences Doctorate must also provide a GRE grade (in the general field and in Computer Sciences).


Student must:
1. Study full time.
2. Have an 8.5 average (or more) in each academic period.
3. Pass all subjects taken - suggested by the advisor-.
4. Have a meeting with the Doctorate Committee at least once every academic period.
5. Pass the Pre-doctorate Exam or General Knowledge Exam according to their corresponding Academy. This must take place within the first 18 months of having been accepted to the Doctorate Program.
6. Fill all the requirements established by the program within a period of three years. If needed, the student’s Doctoral Committee may suggest a period extension to the corresponding Academy, they will decide if it is granted or not (if pertinent).


1. Must have a general average of 8.5 (eight. five) during their studies.
2. Complete a thesis project, approved by the Academy, under the guidance of a thesis advisor.
3. Have at least two scientific articles published (or accepted) in prestigious magazines or conferences (with arbitrage), articles must derive from their thesis project.
4. Prove aptitudes regarding the English language. (550 TOEFL points or equivalent)
5. Must not be in debt with the INAOE.
6. Must defend their thesis project and pass an “open” exam (witnessed by the academic community) before a previously selected jury. This jury is selected by the corresponding Academy.

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Doctorate Program Requirements

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