1. Be a Physics, Math, Electronics, Engineering or Computer Sciences Graduate or be close to graduating. (or in a in area akin to the INAOE fields of knowledge)
  2. Have an average above 8. 0 (eight. zero) or equivalent in Bachelor’s studies
  3. Take and pass the Admissions Test or instead, take the Institute’s preparation courses that are given each year (May-July).

    * Score a minimum grade of 8.0 (eight. zero) on the Admissions Test or

    * Score grades over 7. 0 (seven. zero) in each of the preparation courses and have an average above 8.0 (eight point zero).

  4. Present themselves at an interview with researchers assigned by the specialty’s Academy.
  5. Foreign students must manage 80% of the Spanish language.
  6. Provide required documentation.

The Academy will make the final decision on students’ acceptance to the postgraduate program; those that do not fulfill these requirements will not be admitted.


  1. Must be a full time student.
  2. Aprobar todas las materias cursadas.
  3. Maintain a minimum average of 8.0 in each academic period.
  4. Finish the program within a 24 month period (maximum) that will be counted upon acceptance to the postgraduate program.


  1. Complete 80 credits with a minimum general average of 8.0.
  2. Develop a thesis project under the guidance of a Thesis Advisor, which must be approved by the corresponding Academy.
  3. Prove knowledge of the English language (500 TOEFL points).
  4. Must not have any outstanding debt (with the INAOE).
  5. Defend and uphold their thesis project in front of a previously assigned jury, which will be determined by the corresponding Academy.

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Masters Program Requirements

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