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The INAOE postgraduates programs are part of the National Program for Postgraduates’ Quality PNPC of the CONACyT, therefore, all students accepted into the Institute’s programs, must fulfill the following requirements for the scholarship to be granted (automatically) to them:


  • Bachelor’s or Masters Degree (as the case may be)
  • Minimum average of 8.0.

Note: The CONACyT scholarship will not be granted to anyone that doesn’t fill these requirements.


  • Thesis and Final Project Scholarships for external students.
  • INAOE Scholarships for preparation courses.
    Courses last two months, during this time, the INAOE will grant financial support to all participants. To receive this support, assistance to the courses is mandatory and the required documentation must be turned in also, participation in researcher talks is mandatory.
  • Bridge Loan prior to the CONACYT scholarship (in such cases)
    Students admitted into the INAOE postgraduates’ programs and who have solicited the CONACyT scholarship may ask for a bridge loan. The amount loaned must be reimbursed to the INAOE as soon as they receive the scholarship or if the INAOE requests it.
  • Semester’s allowance for acquisition of books and copies
    During their studies (2 years for Masters and 3 years for Doctorates) students are entitled to 500 copies (a semester) in an assigned Institute photocopier, also they are granted a six month allowance to buy books related to their postgraduate studies.
  • Financial support for conference assistance
    This financial support is a annual amount received by all INAOE students whose research papers are accepted in national and international conferences. (With prior authorization from the respective academy) .
  • Meal Allowance
    The INAOE will finance 50 % of meal costs in the Institute’s cafeteria.


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