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Documents for admission – Foreign candidates

  • Complete the application form

  • 2 recommendation letters. They must be signed by the recommendings before they mail them to:

  • Letter of intent from a researcher at INAOE, addressed to Dr. José Javier Báez Rojas, Encargado del Despacho de la Dirección de Formación Académica. The researcher must indicate he accepts working with the candidate besides the area where he is going to work and the tentative title of the doctoral thesis.

  • Birth certificate (issue date: no longer than 1 year) **

  • Proof of home address (permanent and updated)

  • Résumé

  • Master’s transcript (including grade point average) **

  • Master’s degree or certificate of professional examination (if you are not a graduate student please send a commitment letter stating the date of your professional examination) **

  • Proof of competence in English (500+ in the TOEFL test).

  • A Master’s scholarship release letter from CONACyT.*

  • 4 small (4x4) colour photographs (2x2.5cm) - hand in at the enrollment process

** The previous documents must be certified (apostilled and authenticated) in the country of origin and translated into spanish language by a certified and oficial translator.

* If you study the Master's in Mexico.


The scholarship from CONACyT will be provided once the candidate has fulfilled all the admission requirements and he has to be enrolled in one of our postgraduate programs.

Additional requirements for foreign students (once the candidate has been accepted):

  • Master’s diploma

  • Student VISA granted by the Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores (SRE)

  • Proof of competence in Spanish

  • Scholarship or means of support during their stay, including tuition fees of $15,000.00 (fifteen thousand Mexican pesos) per semester – under previous corresponding Coordination authorization.

  • Full coverage health insurance

Note: Please send all the scanned documents in PDF format

They must be sent in just one file to the following email address:

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