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Asignar puntaje:


  • Proof of the home address
  • Curriculum/résumé

ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS (legalized by corresponding authorities)

  • Birth certificate (certified copy), 
  • High school record, including subjects taken and grades earned
  • Bachelor’s diploma
  • Bachelor’s certificate, syllabus and contents

The above documents, except syllabus and contents, must be certified (apostille) in the country of origin.


  • Students must have the FM-2 status granted by the Mexican Government to undertake studies in Mexico
  • Proof of competence in Spanish
  • Scholarship or a means of support during their stay, including tuition fees of $15,000.00(Fifteen Thousand Mexican Pesos) per semester.
  • Full coverage health insurance.

Please send the documents to the following address: 

Mtra. Yenni María Carpinteyro Tlapanco
Jefa del Departamento de Servicios Escolares
Calle Luis Enrique Erro No. 1
Tonantzintla, Puebla, México
C.P. 72840.
Phone: + 52-(222)-247-27-42

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